2011 Race Calendar

At this time of year, most people make New Year’s resolutions.  I, however, make race plans.

Did I mention I’m a runner? Because I am – or at least *I* consider myself to be, others may disagree! I like to go for runs, enter races, and occasionally even win one or two (okay, or just win my age group… but same thing, right?).  I love collecting my race numbers, medals, and the few trophies that I’ve got.   So anyway, as a runner, I feel like it’s always my duty to make my race resolutions in lieu of (or at least in addition to) New Year’s resolutions – especially since it’s early enough that I can determine training schedules.

This year is special because, with the exception of two races, I’ve never run any of these before.  Usually I like to stick to races and courses that I know, but this year I feel like it’s time to branch out.  Also, this list is by no means permanent or all-inclusive, but is at least indicative of my racing goals for the next year.

Whidbey Island Marathon – April 10 – My first marathon EVER. And also 26 miles for my 26th birthday! I’m really excited for this one, and already training.

Bloomsday – May 1 – I run this race almost every year- last year being the exception because I was getting married!  This year it’s our first anniversary, and what better way to celebrate than running a 12k and getting some beers afterwards?

June/July/August is triathlon season, and I usually do at least one triathlon as part of a team (obviously I do the running!).  I’m hoping to get in two triathlons, possibly three during this summer.  My usual team is even thinking about doing a half Iron Man together, so I may be running a half as part of a team.

Portland (Oregon) Marathon – October 9 – What better place to run a second marathon than among family? IF the Whidbey Island marathon goes well, I think I’ll attempt this marathon in October.

Seattle Half Marathon – November 27 – While visiting family for Thanksgiving I think I’ll work in the Seattle half.  I’ve run this race before, and thus would never consider the full (too many hills!) but I’d love to finish it again.

Las Vegas Marathon – December 4 – This is an either/or. If I don’t do the Seattle Half Marathon, I’ll do the Las Vegas Marathon. Plus, in 2010 Bret Michaels was waiting for the finishers! How can you say no to that???

I’m also planning on throwing in a mix of 5ks, 10ks and other races during the year, including a Race for the Cure or two and a few local races.  I’m extremely lucky in that the Spokane running community is going strong and very organized – there are lots of well-organized local races to be had!  I’m only hoping that I can stay on top of my training and work everything in the way that I want to.


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Wife. Runner. Baker. Pretzel-maker. Hey, that rhymes!
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2 Responses to 2011 Race Calendar

  1. Whitney says:

    Wow! Good for you for having the determination to train and run so many races. Good luck!


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