Scenes of Christmas

Okay, last Christmas post for the season, I promise.  I’m just so proud of the way our little apartment looks all decorated for our first married Christmas, and I can’t help but share!

This is our Christmas card photo for 2010 – taken late at night after my company’s holiday party.  Can you tell we’re tired?

Our little 3 foot Christmas tree.  Can you see the ‘C’ (that’s covered in rhinestones) at the top? Haha, I’m so lame sometimes!

I loved my little jingle bell centerpieces! I used two vases that I already had, and bought a package of little jingle bells and a small tin of white and silver ornaments. Super cute! The green glitter candles were also on 70% discount at Michaels. (I also posted a few pictures of our Christmas table a couple of days ago)

An empty Advent Calendar is always a sign of  a successful holiday season – especially since ours are always filled with chocolate.

I’ve taken to calling this wall the Wall of Good Cheer – it’s amazing how many thoughtful family members and friends sent us cards and greetings over the holidays – we really are blessed with so much love!

The last sad little chocolate chip cookie dough ball sitting in our snowman cookie tin.  He only lasted about 5 seconds more after I snapped this photo – but he was certainly delicious!

It’s been a great holiday season, full of friends and family.  It’s continuing for us through this weekend and then on until the Epiphany on January 6th – apparently most people take their holiday decorations down before then?  Whatever happened to the 12 Days of Christmas??  Anyway, I’m already looking forward to the holidays next year, especially since a few exciting events will for sure be happening during this time in 2011!


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