A Restorative Class Untaught

At the yoga studio that I teach at, the last class of every session is a Restorative yoga class, regardless of the “level” of that class for the rest of the session.  It’s a wonderful tradition – Restorative is such a great, healthy practice to have (I take a Restorative class almost every Sunday), and even though you don’t sweat you’re still doing a lot of good for your body!

Anyway, my class was canceled because (surprisingly) people have things going on at this time of year, and I unfortunately didn’t get to teach it. 😦 But! But, I can’t let a planned class go to waste, can I?  So here you go: a nice, slow, Restorative yoga class that will relax you after the stressful holidays.

60 Minute Restorative Yoga Class

Focus: Back-Bending

Required props: Several thick blankets, a thin blanket, block, bolster, chair with legs that are easy to grip, eye pillow, and a timer

  • 5 minutes in Corpse Pose, breathing deeply and clearing your mind
  • Mountain Brook Pose – 10 minutes
  • Supported Bridge Pose – 5 minutes
  • Shoulder Stand with Chair – 5 minutes
  • Inverted child’s pose with Chair – 5 minutes : Gripping the legs of the chair with your hands, keep your back straight and you slowly lower your knees to your forehead, using the chair to support your sacrum if necessary
  • Legs Up the Wall Sequence (straight legs, wide legs, “butterfly” legs, then straight legs again) – 2 or 3 minutes for each leg position : This website shows the practitioner having a large bolster under their sacrum, but I’d recommend using a thick folded blanket to take some of the back bend out of these poses
  • Supta Bhadda Konasana – 10 minutes
  • 10 minutes in Corpse Pose, relaxing completely

A bit of meditation before or afterwards is also good, too!


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