Ways the Internet Has Changed My Life for the Better: Collages

There are many times during the average day where I’ll frantically “google” some piece of information that I MUSTHAVERIGHTNOW and absolutely cannot remember and then, once the crisis is over, think to myself “What did I ever do without the internet?” The idea that there are now functional adults that cannot remember life without the internet scares me! What happens in the apocalypse when we all need to use phonebooks again?!

Anyway, dressing myself and deciding what clothes to buy has now become a regular time when this thought process occurs.  Back in the day (1997), I used to scour all of the mail-order catalogs and magazines that I could find or order for free, clipping pictures of the items I liked and beheading models in chic outfits to paste them onto sheets of notebook paper.  Those pieces of notebook paper would become my “shopping list” for back-to-school clothes, and I would desperately look for that perfect floor-length plaid skirt in my size.  Little did it matter that my outfits fit more with the JV basketball rejects than with the Vogue models, I still clipped and styled and dreamed of dressing myself in those cool, trendy clothes.

This is where the internet has saved me (and my husband’s sanity, and my mailman’s back).  With places like Polyvore.com and MyDeco.com I can get my clipping and collaging fix without taking over the community mailboxes and living room floor.  These sites gather far more things than my own scissor-wielding hands ever could, creating a veritable Cher-Horowitz-esque closet that’s at my collaging disposal day and night.

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve by organizethis featuring a knot dress

Putting together a New Year’s Eve party outfit (nevermind that I’m probably staying in and watching movies in my sweatpants while drinking cheap champagne in plastic cups!) has never been easier.  Want a hot pink cocktail dress? Search for it and pick one of the 3,000 that come up to match with your ridiculous white-stone bib necklace that you found earlier.  I love it.

Plus, since other people can view your sets, I can at least portray myself as somewhat knowledgeable about mixing and matching colors and prints without hoping that people will guess I”m good at that by the colors in my sweatshirt and hair tie.  The fashion-school-wannabe in me has never been happier.


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